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Terms & Conditions

Referral Program 

The advertised promotion includes savings and may be subject to quantity limitations. These prices cannot be combined with other referral cards/vouchers and cannot be used more than once or beyond their date of expiration. Every referral is unique to the customer and can only be redeemed by the customer who originally began the referral process. Customers cannot earn $100 per referral until their referral completes the purchase of a service. Referred candidates must mention the referrer's name or unique code (most preferable), at the time of their initial interaction/ agreement with Wingnuts Inc. Wingnuts Inc is not responsible for asking if the referred candidate was referred & Wingnuts Inc will not assume their referrer. The referrer may send up to 10 referrals to qualify for $1,000 off their next annual however is not limited to 10 referrals. Any referrals after 10, however will not count for their accumulation for their $1,000 off nor will it roll over to a new voucher. In order for a referrer to begin a new voucher of $1,000 off, the referrer must complete their annual inspection for that year that they have accumulated and then their new voucher will begin. The voucher is no longer usable after the expiration date. The referrer does not need 10 referrals or does not need to earn $1,000 to receive a discount on their annual. The referrer will be able to use however many referrals they have accumulated even if the amount is under 10. Only the referrer is compensated for their referral. The referred candidate is eligible to also benefit from the referral if they refer a new customer to Wingnuts Inc & can begin to accumulate they own discount towards their next annual. Referral vouchers may ONLY be used on annual inspections or 100-hour inspections. Referral vouchers that state accumulated discount cannot be used on any other services besides annual inspections or 100-hour inspections. Annual inspections will take place at Wingnuts Inc, 2015 McKinley Ave F6B. La Verne, CA 91750. Wingnuts Inc will update the referrer every time their referred candidate completes a purchase and earns them a new discount of $100 off. Wingnuts Inc keeps track of updated referral cards with a new unique code each time a referral card is updated. 

Who can refer:

-Customers of Wingnuts Inc who have received at least one type of service at Wingnuts Inc.

-Customers who have not yet received their annual at Wingnuts Inc but have received some type of service at Wingnuts Inc.

-Flight schools, aviation clubs, or aviation organizations.


Referred candidates can be:

-New customers who brings their aircraft to Wingnuts Inc for the first time. 

-Existing or previous customers that bring their additional aircraft, with a distinct tail number, which has not undergone any maintenance at Wingnuts Inc. For instance, if a customer brings their aircraft with tail number N12345 to Wingnuts Inc., they may be referred to Wingnuts for their other aircraft with tail number N54321.

Referred candidates cannot be:

-Referrers themselves.

-Individuals who were referred prior to the commencement of this promotion.

-Previous or current customer of Wingnuts Inc who have maintenance their aircraft at Wingnuts Inc. 

-If you are a flight school, aviation club, or aviation organization that oversees aircraft management, the referral candidates cannot be aircrafts within the same organization. This includes existing aircrafts that have received maintenance from Wingnuts Inc. or new aircrafts that have not yet undergone maintenance by Wingnuts Inc.

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