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Are you open on the weekends?

Weekends are by appointment only. To schedule beforehand, call our office at (951) 842-3499.

How much does an annual cost?

The cost for each aircraft model is determined by a flat-rate free. This fee covers both a thorough annual inspection and AD research. Contact our office to obtain an estimate. (951) 842-3499.

Do you do owner assist?

Unfortunately, our insurance does not allow for us to perform owner assisted maintenance however we are more than happy to keep you involved during the process. 

How much should I allocate for the completion of my annual or service?

Inspections can be done within one working day nonetheless, completion time depends on both the amount & type of squawks found and parts availability. 

How long in advance should I make an appointment for service?

We kindly request a notice period of at least 3 weeks to 1 month prior to your desired service date. However, we understand that emergencies and unexpected situations may arise and we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule as soon as possible. 

What is the current shop rate?

Our current shop rate is $155/hour. We value your investment in us and strive to meet your expectations by delivering excellent quality and service. 

What can I expect during the process on my annual?

You can anticipate a thorough list of concerns. After you approve or postpone them, we will provide you with an updated list of issues and an updated cost estimate. We aim to keep you updated along the process. Once we finish all the necessary maintenance on your aircraft, you can make your final payment. And soar the skies safely.

Do you require a deposit?

We only require payment in full for pre-purchase inspections. Otherwise, we do not require a deposit unless for unique circumstances where we are required to order a large portion of parts or outside service/ part.

Can I drop off my aircraft beforehand?

Prior to your scheduled appointment, you have the option to deliver your aircraft ahead of time or outside our normal operating hours. Our hangar is equipped with a key drop box for your convenience, and aircrafts can be parked on the flight line.

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