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Wingnuts is now an independent repair center for Rotax customers! Our director of maintenance has been a Rotax certified Heavy Maintenance rated technician since 2011.  For a period of the time since 2011 he was also a factory approved instructor for the Rotax classes and while working at the Rotax Service Center was also qualified to overhaul 912 series engines.  It's unlikely you will find a Rotax technician in the Southwest region of the United States that has been exposed to that level of training.


Wingnuts Aircraft Service and provide all levels of maintenance for your Rotax 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines, with the exception of 4 stroke overhauls.  We have all the Rotax tools to provide the correct techniques on your Rotax.  We have a well stocked inventory of Rotax parts to perform propeller strike inspections, carburetor overhauls, 5 year rubber kit replacements and more.

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