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Image by Andrew Ruiz


The benefits of performing dynamic propeller balancing on your aircraft are more than most people are aware of.  Even smoothly running engines can greatly benefit from a dynamic balance.  We use the latest equipment from DynaVibe to perform the service.  To detect the magnitude of vibration the term IPS (inches per second) are used.  A general expectation of a balanced propeller and engine is 0.07 IPS, we usually see around 0.40 IPS on seemingly smooth running engines, and it's not uncommon to see as high as 0.70 IPS or more in the worst cases.  We don't stop with the balance process until we obtain 0.03 IPS or better and usually get 0.02 or better.  A balanced propeller and engine are easier on the engine, airframe, avionics, and passengers of the aircraft.

Image by Levi Ventura
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